Fly-By-Wire Control Line

Our company has recently manufactured a bulk spool of stainless steel stranded wire called “Fly-By-Wire Control Line”. This seven strand wire is strictly designed for Control Line Flying, and it is stranded according to the AMA Control Line Racing Regulations. This product is 100% American Made, and we have made it much more affordable than the wire that has previously been used for control line flying. We have been receiving numerous orders throughout the world since introducing this product, and we have received very high praise for its strength, durability, and flexibility. The wire is manufactured here at our facility in California, and it is stress relieved prior to shipping. This allows us to make sure that the wire lays flat and does not kink.

Fly-By-Wire comes in a bright or camouflage color and is available in either 250 foot or 1,000 foot bulk spools. The 3 strand diameters are available in .008″ and .010″; and the 7 strand diameters are available in .012”, .015”, .018”, .021″, .024″, .027″, .030″, .033″, or .036″.

For the time being, these items can be purchased at,, or at We are continuing to look for new re-sellers for Fly-By-Wire, and if you would be interested in becoming a re-seller, please contact us at There is a minimum purchase order of $500 if you would like to become one of our re-sellers.


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