CableStrand creates the highest quality archwire in the Orthodontic industries.

Our archwire is made out of high quality, medical grade, 304V stainless steel.  These arches can be ordered to fit specific forms, or they can be ordered in our Natural and Standard forms. Each arch is thoroughly inspected to make sure that it meets the appropriate guidelines before it is shipped. We are unique in that we offer several different options when it comes to arches such as round, rectangular, square, three strand, six strand, and seven strand. Our patented six strand stainless steel arch is exceptional when it comes to elasticity and strength.

Arch Sizes (Round) – .012, .014, .016, .018, .020

Arch Sizes (Rectangular or Square) – .016 x .016, .016 x .022, .017 x .025, .018 x .025, .019 x .025, .021 x .025

Three Strand Arch Sizes – .0155, .0175, .0195, .0215

Patented Six Strand Arch Sizes – .0155, .0175, .0195, .0215

Seven Strand Arch Sizes – .0155, .0175, .0195, .0215


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CableStrand Acculon 3 Strand CableStrand Acculon 49 CableStrand Acculon CableStrand Twist Weld