Downrigger Cable

Our 170 pound Accustrand Downrigger Cable is made from seven strands of 304 stainless steel wire. It is 100% American Made from high quality American drawn stainless steel. The tightly stranded stainless steel gives it exceptional strength, flexibility, and elasticity. This wire is slightly stronger than the average 150 pound downrigger cable, and it will stand up to the toughest conditions without fraying.

Because this wire is 100% manufactured at our facility in Southern California, we are able to offer the lowest pricing in the industry for downrigger cable. Our Accustrand Downrigger Cable can be ordered at various lengths in either bright or camouflage colors.

Lengths – 200 feet, 300 feet, and 400 feet


Photo Gallery

CableStrand Acculon 49 CableStrand Acculon 7 Strand CableStrand Acculon CableStrand Accustrand