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Beta Titanium

We have recently added Beta 3 Titanium to our Orthodontic products line. Beta 3 Titanium (similar to CNA and TMA wire) is an alloy that is mainly composed of Titanium and Molybdenum. These archwires are 100% Nickel free, and they have about half the force of corresponding sizes of stainless steel. Beta 3 Titanium can be deflected about 100% more than stainless steel without taking on a permanent set. All of our wire is drawn in the United States, and it is ISO certified and held to the highest standards to ensure that it has the highest performance.

We are currently offering this wire in sizes of .016″x.022″ and .019″x.025″. Beta 3 Titanium is currently stocked in forms of Upper and Lower Natural as well as Universal (Damon Form). We have the ability to also provide this material in 14″ straight lengths if needed.

We currently offer the most competitive pricing when it comes to an American made Titanium Molybdenum alloy. We are able to do that because of the large amount of raw material that we ordered. If you would like us to draw you up a quote for this material or any other of our orthodontic supplies, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Fly-By-Wire Control Line

We have recently manufactured and released a bulk spool of stainless steel stranded wire called “Fly-By-Wire Control Line”. This seven strand wire is strictly designed for Control Line Flying, and it is stranded according to the AMA Control Line Racing Regulations. This product is 100% American Made, and we have made it much more affordable than the wire that has previously been used for control line flying. We have been receiving numerous orders throughout the world since introducing this product, and we have received very high praise for its strength, durability, and flexibility. The wire is manufactured here at our facility in California, and it is stress relieved prior to shipping. This allows us to make sure that the wire lays flat and does not kink.

All diameters of bulk wire are available in either 250 feet or 1,000 feet. You can currently purchase the 1,000 foot (304 meter) spool of either .012”, .015” or .018” through our EBay distributor for only $29.95. We also have these spools available in diameters of .008”, .010”, .021”, .024”, and .027”. If you would like to become a “Fly-By-Wire” distributor, please contact us directly at

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CableStrand Corp

Welcome To Our New Website!

CableStrand was founded in 1975. Although we started off as a company that mainly supplied product to the jewelry and fishing industries, we have now branched out to several other markets including, but not limited to, the orthodontic and medical fields. We pride ourselves in supplying the highest quality, spec specific, stainless steel wire to various businesses around the world. CableStrand is dedicated to meet any and all of your stainless steel wire demands.

Our Vision: To be viewed as the primary source for all high quality, minimum diameter, stranded, stainless steel wire and other related value added products throughout the world
Our Mission: To consistently provide the highest quality, spec specific, stainless steel wire to each and every industry
Our Values:

▪ Quality – All of our product is closely inspected for the highest standards before it is shipped

▪ Reliability – We strive to always provide quality services in a timely manner

▪ Service – Our staff is composed of friendly, responsive, and experienced individuals

▪ Experience – Our skilled employees have made us one of the leading stainless steel wire manufacturers since 1975

▪ Integrity – We pride ourselves in always doing business in an honorable and truthful fashion


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